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Sign Language Plug-in can be easily integrated and translates the content of websites into sign language with a real human interpreter model.

Sign Language Video Plug-in translates subtitled videos into sign language for deaf who are not illiterate or have difficulty understanding.

Two-way Translation System enables communication as a communication bridge between deaf and individuals who do not know sign language.

PDF Plug-in translates documents in PDF format such as contracts, training materials etc. into sign language and makes them accessible for deaf individuals.

Voice Translation can be control by voice and translates websites and PDF documents into audio and makes them accessible for visually impaired individuals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility offers equal opportunities in the field of education and enables individuals with disabilities to access information. However, businesses can reach a larger customer base by making their services accessible.

Sign language is a silent and visual language created by hearing impaired people using hand movements and gestures to communicate between them.

According to the data of the WHO, there are 466 million hearing impaired people in the world and its is expected to be 900 million till 2050.

Contrary to popular belief, many deaf people are illiterate.
However, because the sign language grammar structure is different from the spoken language structure and the vocabulary in the sign language is low, 50% of the hearing-impaired people have difficulty understanding in what they read.

Sign language is a language that includes lip movements and gestures as well as hand movements. In sign language translations using animated characters, lip and hand movements are not as clear as in human translator. Because of these, the sign language translation performed using a human translator is more understandable.



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